Wet Felted Wall Hanging: A great group project

wet felted wall hanging complete waldorf inspired moms

Wet Felted Wall Hanging     

We gathered to make this wet felted wall hanging to sell at our school’s Waldorfaire.  It was the first large wet felted piece that I did with a group and from that day on, I was HOOKED!  Hooked not only to making large, luscious wet felted pieces, but also hooked on gathering a group to create something beautiful.  The synergy of a group is magical…

wet felted wall hanging mentor waldorf inspired moms

Here’s Michelle, a fellow mom and our wet felting mentor/amazingly talented fiber artist. She is laying down the four layers of thin wisps of wool roving–one layer horizontally, the next layer vertically.  

Although Michelle spent many years working with wool, she has now moved on to designing clothing that is carried in specialty stores as well as in her online store at ‘megbydesign’.com.  Describing her clothing, Michelle says, “My clothing line is a collection of layers, mixing silks, fine cottons, organza’s. satins, linens, vintage fabrics, trinkets,lace, old glass buttons,hand dyes and hand stitching.”.  We all think that her clothing is gorgeous…

wet felted wall hanging laying out waldorf inspired moms

The next step in our project was to each start laying down our own section of 4 alternating layers of wool.  We chose whatever colors inspired us–we didn’t set any color theme.  We just had to make sure that we slightly overlapped the wool in the sections around us to create a continuous piece.

wet felted wall hanging lay waldorf inspired moms

On the last 2 layers of wool (6 layers total) we each made our own design.  Again, we didn’t set any guidelines, we just did whatever free form design came to us.  

wet felted wall hanging ready waldorf inspired moms

Then the felting process began!

wet felted wall hanging boiling waldorf inspired moms

LOTS and LOTS of boiling hot water.  Lots of aching arms as we all took turns rolling the wool inside the mat…

wet felted wall hanging kids waldorf inspired moms

And then the final rinse and “fulling” in the kiddie pool with the kids!  

wet felted wall hanging group waldorf inspired moms


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