Tutorial: How to Make Needle Felted Angels

how to make needle felted angels circle waldorf inspired moms

Tutorial:  How to Make Needle Felted Angels      

The wool angel that I made for my daughter last year hangs above her bed.  When we were re-doing her room a few months ago, she insisted that the angel stay.  She says that it’s her “guardian” angel that watches over her while she sleeps.  That really touched my heart…There is something very special about things that we make for others with our own loving hands…

Last Spring at our Waldorf school, about 26 moms gathered around our mentor Michelle again.  This time, Michelle taught us how  to make needle felted angels out of wool.  Although these angels are really easy to do, many of us (me included!) didn’t remember some of the basic steps.  I thought that I’d post a few reminders so that we’d all be inspired to make some more.

Start with a piece of combed wool roving in a natural color.  You can make these angels any size, but I used a piece approximately 10 inches long.

tutorial how to make needle felted angels knot waldorf inspired moms

In the middle of the roving, tie a fairly tight knot.  Divide the roving on ONE side of the knot into two pieces.  Fan out the pieces and pull the wool over the knot, smoothing and combing the wool flat with your fingers.

Use a piece of unwaxed dental floss or heavy duty thread and wrap around several times (and knot off) to form the head.

  tutorial how to make needle felted angels head waldorf inspired moms

Take a pipe cleaner (I prefer cotton covered) and slide it into the middle of the wool under the head.  The pipe cleaner will be the angel’s “arms”.  Cut to the proportion that you like–making sure to leave a little extra at each end to fold back to form the “hand”.  

tutorial how to make needle felted angels arms waldorf inspired moms

Using thin wisps of natural colored roving, cover both pipe cleaner “hands” and a little part of the “arms”.  Don’t use too much wool or else the arms will look too thick!  (I make this mistake a lot!)  

Now fan out the natural colored wool as far as you can down the arms. Add more wool–especially colored wool–to completely form the angel’s robes/wings.  Draping the wool in a spontaneous way makes it look flowing and natural. Using your felting needle, tack down the wool under the pipe cleaner to hold it in place.

  how to make needle felted angels color waldorf inspired moms

Adding hair can be tricky, but the best advice is to not make it too fussy. These angels should be light and flowing…

  tutorial how to make needle felted angels garland waldorf inspired moms

Decorating is the fun part!  Flowers, halos, pretty trims…whatever…And don’t limit yourself to typical angels. One mom made a wizard that looked terrific. The final step is to stitch a shimmery or clear thread loop at the top of the head to make a hanger.  

We had a lot of fun working learning how to make needle felted angels together…We gave each other good ideas and inspired each other.  

We all need guardian angels!

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  1. My daughter saw this post and can’t wait to get crafting. What did you use for hair? Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I always wondered how these were made. Thanks for the easy and fun tutorial.
    PS I came over through Waldorf Wednesday.

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