My First Sweater…Beginning again…and again…


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In the beginning…I was so excited about starting on my first sweater.  I had a pattern and online class that I was joining.  I rushed out to the two (yes ONLY two) yarn stores in town but couldn’t find a cotton blend yarn in the quantity and weight that I wanted.  I then searched for a long time online and finally found yarn that I thought work and even bought two colors.  When the yarn arrived however, I was so disappointed.  As often happens when buying things online, the colors weren’t at all as I expected.  I sent one color back and convinced myself that I could live with the other color.  After I knit a few inches, I stopped and ripped my knitting out.  I just couldn’t live with the color.

Undaunted, I drove to the opposite side of the island to the two small yarn stores there.  I was happy to find a slightly variegated cotton yarn that I liked.   I cast on and completed almost the whole back section.  My knitting was flying and I was projecting that I’d have my sweater done in a couple months!

When I got together with my knitting mentor however, she pointed out that my yarn was creating stripes that were going horizontally and that my pattern would not work well with the yarn I had.  I have to admit that I had already realized that but was secretly hoping that she, in all of her amazing knitting wisdom would have a way to make everything work.  I snapped a quick photo and started undoing all of my knitting and rolled the yarn back into balls.  Someone once told me that skilled and experienced knitters are not even fazed by undoing rows and rows of knitting–just to get it right.  I am not skilled and experienced and so I was very sad to undo all of that hard work…

I was out walking the other day and ran into my knitting mentor who conveniently lives close by.  I was telling her of my sweater and yarn struggles and she politely listened.  She was her usual encouraging self, but asked whether I really wanted to knit a sweater.  Why was I making this all so difficult and why was I creating so many obstacles for myself?  I thought about what she said on my extra long walk that day.

Someone once told me that your knitting reflects your life at the time and maybe that’s what’s happening here.  Like searching for yarn, I am searching for new paths and directions to help my family and myself.  There are paths that I have been convinced would work well, but halfway down the road I have had to turn around and start over again.  It’s been a long and sometimes frustrating process–just like ripping out rows and rows of knitting.

But still…I am undaunted and resolved.  I will knit my first sweater.  I found yet another yarn–this time a cotton/linen blend and a new pattern.

It’s time to begin again…


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  1. Stick with it you will get there! I have frogged more sweaters than I care to count. It’s just part of the process of knitting I believe. It might help to discover if you are a process knitter (love just doing it) or a product knitter (where the end product is more what you’re after.) You might be both too, but it can help you when picking out what pattern to knit

    • Ann,
      Heartfelt thanks. I am so inspired by you and your knitting and I am so grateful for your kind words of advice. Yes, I should think about what “kind” of knitter I am to help me in this process. Your knitting (and dyeing!) inspires me! Thank you for being here and much aloha, Lori

  2. aw it’s frustrating when you have to frog that much progress although I do think it’s usually the right thing to do in the long run. I find myself putting it off for ages and then either ignoring the project for a while or knitting on even further and then frogging it. I’m sure you’ll knit your first sweater one day :)
    thesoaringsheep recently posted..After-thought heelMy Profile

    • I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to hear from an experienced knitter! Yes, I know in my heart that it is always best to get my knitting “right”, but it sometimes seems so discouraging…Thank you sincerely for you kind, kind words…Much aloha, Lori

  3. Great post! I wish you luck and satisfaction with your next try! We learn from everything we try…

    • Hi Sarah,
      So nice to hear from you…another “islander”!
      Thank you so much for the encouraging words–they truly mean a lot. Yes, there is something to be learned form everything, everything…
      Much aloha to you for being here and wishing you all the best. Lori

  4. Frogging is a frustrating thing to but it is part of progress. I have posted about this same thing myself. About how you measure progress if it doesn’t look like you have actually made anything, but if you have learnt something you have made progress. I have been making a cardigan, adapting from a pattern and I have had to frog it so many times to get it to the size I wanted it to be. It has been slow to reach a finished stage, it’s still on the needles, but I have learnt so much from this one project :). I hope you find the right project for you.
    sustainablemum recently posted..RainbowsMy Profile

    • Oh you inspire me! Thank you so much for your encouraging words…I hope to see your cardigan soon. Your work is always so beautiful. Aloha, Lori

  5. I love this post. I have had one knitting class and one unfinished project. It sits on a shelf, and from time to time my young daughter asks to look at it, admire it, and queries when I will finish it. I feel prompted to take a long walk and learn what my knitting is telling me. Thank you!

    • Hi Alison,
      How cute that your daughter looks at your knitting! I’ve cast on AGAIN and have knit several rows. If you’re up to it, let’s do some knitting and get our projects done. What are you knitting? Aloha, Lori

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